2014 Monster Energy Cup

We had a huge weekend out at the 2014 Monster Energy Cup under the lights of Sin City, Las Vegas inside Sam Boyd Stadium. The bar was set and with plenty of Vegas luck setting a $1 million dollar take on the line, it’s always exciting to see who ends up on top! Unlike traditional Supercross, there are three main events. If a rider manages to win each event, they win $1 million. But even if no one sweeps the cup, a $100,000 prize for the overall winner is still enough to get anyone excited. With a stack of riders out battle on the track, Destin Cantrell started his morning outside the stadium in the Monster Energy pits for Best Whip. Grant fired up his morning under the TwoTwo Motorsports tent with his teammate Chad Reed signing autographs for all the fans. Bracken Hall has his bike dialed ready to to get that all white frame dirty banging bars. He was looking strong during practice but after qualifying he suffered from a massive allergic reaction taking him from the race completely. To say Destin Cantrell looked good this past Saturday at the Monster Energy Cup would be a huge understatement! Recognized for having one of the best whips on a dirt bike hands down, Destin has been mysteriously left out of the X Games year after year and subsequently missing out of the Dirt Shark Biggest Whip finals in 2013 by one spot, Cantrell came into this past weekend strong-minded to make it into the night show. It didn’t come easy for the Murrieta based rider, like last year; Cantrell was one of nine riders competing in the parking lot of the Sam Boyd Stadium just for the chance to ride in the finals. Not only did Destin qualify, he beat out X Games medalists Lance Coury, Nate Adams, and Ronnie Renner and a full lineup along the way. When the finals got underway LIVE on Fox Sports 2, Cantrell and the rest of field treated fans to an action packed final. Armed with a filthy whip and wearing the all-new upcoming 2015 One Industries racewear, Destin threw down a proved he belongs on the big stage with the world’s best. "I was really pumped to be involved again this year with the Dirt Shark Best Whip contest during Monster Cup. The event all around is so much fun to be apart of, the fans are awesome and its always great to get out there and throw down the biggest whip I can possible do. During qualifying, I almost scared myself on how big I was laying down some of these whips and I’m sure the fans and judges agreed because it placed me into the finals. During the main event of the dirt-to-dirt I went the biggest I could possible go but judging didn’t go in my favor. All I can say is, I will be back next year and that trophy is going to be mine." – Destin Cantrell. Josh Grant was laced up in the latest gear continuing to bang bars and put up a fight in each round. Grant went out and gave it his all but got caught up pushing him back in the middle of the pack. Justin Rodbell our amateur badass was on fire during qualifying and leading into the main event. He was held up in the red flag restart but brushed it off still moved forward to a dominating position taking the right lines and moving into a 9th overall. Ciaran Naran has been really focused and training hard for this event. We met up with him a week prior at Milestone MX to watch him ride and Naran was on point! During the main event Ciaran held the front of the pack making his way into the first corner while moving in on the leaders. During the last section before the Monster Energy Finish, Ciaran had a very unfortunate accident while going down hard breaking his femur and some other unknown injuries at this time. We where right there on the sidelines with Ciaran as this all went down and we have to say... he is one tough kid! We hope you join us along with everyone here at ONE Industries and wish Ciaran a fast recovery. You can grab all the latest gear seen with the One Industries team at www.oneindustries.com or at any One Industries dealer worldwide. And for more updates with out badass brand, you can follow @oneindustries on Instagram and Twitter.