Angelo Pellegrini Road to the Arenacross Championship

Angelo Pellegrini - Road to ArenacrossUK from different on Vimeo.

Angelo Pellegrini brings nothing but smooth talent skills to every round of the UK Arenacross. Since his return Angelo has look better than ever at the age of 27 riding on Oakleaf Motorsports alongside Frenchman Romain Biela and together the pair are bringing a little slice of continental flair to the track. AP struggled with the first round in Manchester, resulting in a DNF but came back strong in Belfast during round 3 proving to be a dominating threat. In the main event, race leader Thomas Ramette slipped up just two laps from the end, leaving a gap for Pellegrini, who had been hot on his heels, to slip through and take the win. Incredibly happy to be on the podium, he summed up his night in Northern Ireland in one word ‘fantastic’. Angelo Pellegrini "The best race for me was the second night in Belfast, where I won the main event…I have such good memories of that night!” - Angelo Pellegrini Pellegrini also made it onto the podium at Round 5 in Newcastle, where he rode to a second place. His AX campaign has also included two fourth places in front of packed out arenas in Glasgow and Sheffield. He’s been keeping his points tally ticking over with successes in the Head to Heads too, taking a 1st in Manchester, a 3rd in Belfast and a 2nd at the penultimate round in Sheffield. “I can’t think too much about how close the Championship is, I just think instead about how I want to have a good race and make sure that me, my Team and sponsors all have fun!” - Angelo Pellegrini AP was sitting 3rd in points barreling down the Championship in Wembley. Different Media Productions teamed up with Pellegrini to showcase a behind the scenes look at how it all shook down while prepping for the Championship. Angelo Pellegrini With the season and all out battle of banging bars, Pellegrini finished the main taking the overall win of the night placing him in the 2nd overall Areancross champion. Congrats Angelo! Angello-Pellegrini-arenacross-wembley-one-industries Big thanks to Different Media Productions for knocking out this awesome edit! Make sure to follow their social feeds to see more of their work. Different Media Productions: Different Media Productions Facebook: Different Media Productions Twitter: Different Media Productions Instagram: