Dan Atherton wins UK Gravity Enduro Round 4 At Dyfi Forest. With his leg still painful five months after he fractured his tibia Dan rode stage 1 only at the EWS in La Thuile, rode stage 1 fast at EWS Colorado taking it easy for the rest of the race then started to ride in earnest at EWS Whistler last week when he took 14th place. In his 4th race of the 2014 season Dan seeded first after Saturday’s practice. The riders practised all stages then were timed on Stage 5 – which also counted towards Sunday’s totals. Sunday mornings Stage 1, Dentist/Goshawk was the only stage that Dan didn’t win – that one went to Josh Lewis who was riding really strongly all weekend, but by Stage 2 Dan was back in the driving seat. He took the stage relatively easily before he moved on to the very physical Stage 3, the Climach-X trail. Dan said “There was a lot of time to be made in the pedals – I decided quite early on that I was going to ride the Force as there were a lot of tight corners and sections that you needed to pump through and pedal and that bike is incredible in those conditions.” He continued “I felt really strong all day – despite being absolutely knackered from building all week on the Red Bull project.” Stage 4 was the most technical stage of the day – especially as the rain was on and off making the trails increasingly slippery. It was a freshly cut track, really rough with lots of roots and Dan declared it his favourite track of the day. He took the stage win again, and repeated the victory on Stage 5 Gwillams backyard another brand new trail taking the overall win by 37.33 seconds. Dan said “I’ve been excited about this race since I moved to the Dyfi last winter, all the locals are so passionate about mountain-biking and had put a huge amount of time into making this event a good one so having those guys supporting me was a huge motivation. Neil Donoghue has been riding really strongly all year and it was cool to be battling with him again like in the downhill days.” Results: 1 Dan Atherton 17:42.84 Via Atherton Racing Photo's - Doc Ward