Our friends at Red Bull sent over this insane, ground-breaking project with our very own Dan Atherton. Films Directors, Clay Porter and John Reynolds from Metis Creative tell the story of Dan Atherton’s fascination and boundless energy for course building by exploring three very different projects. The film also features interviews with Dan’s mother Andrea who looks at his earliest digging feats and siblings Gee and Rachel who demonstrate how Dan’s building has contributed to their World Cup and World Championship successes with some awesome riding at the tracks he has built for them. The film starts at the famous 'Yard' at Atherton HQ. Dan Atherton The Yard is one of the world’s most impressive sets of dirt jumps and has been over three years in the making. Clay Porter shot the Yard at night to encapsulate the fun of riding with friends and siblings and to share the feeling of not wanting to go inside even after it’s dark. Dan Atherton said “The Yard is special because you can’t ride it every day so when you can, and our friends are here there’s nothing like it.” Dan Atherton The film then moves to the mossy quiet of the Dyfi Forest where we watch Rachel riding a track that Dan has made for her there. Rachel said “For as long as I can remember Dan has literally been preparing the ground for me. I love this track.” And finally we see Gee riding the spectacular Red Bull Hardline course, in tough weather conditions Gee blazes down the track which is intimidating enough even when it’s dry and calm. Gee said “I’ve been dying to ride Hardline again, ever since the disappointment of my Finals run there, I knew that I had just a little bit more in me so I really wanted to show what I could do, every gap in the wind we just went for it."