Italian Motorcross Championship

Italian Motorcross Championship - MX1-MX2 - 2014 Round 3 - Ponte a Egola (P1) 01.06.014 Third round of the Italian Championship on the spectacular and well prepared track "Santa Barbara" at Ponte a Egloa (PI) The weekend was set to be warm and sunny with a good crowd attendance ready to see some hard fought racing. Michelle Cervellin wins the overall and takes first place in the Italian Championship. Right from the morning test he showed his speed and performed well all day. His time of 1,39.01 was the fastest time of the day. Similarly the time of Bryan Toccaceli was also strong and he qualifies in Sixth Place. Race 1 : Michele Cervellin has a bad start gate but during the first lap he is already in tenth place. He fights to comeback for the remainder of the race and with one lap to go reaches the leading rider, finally finishing in Second Place. Bryan Toccaceli after a tough comeback from a poor start finishes in 12th place. Race 2: Michele starts well and settles into fifth spot, During the fifth lap he takes the lead and continues to rule the race to the chequered flag. Bryan Toccaceli finishes in 9th spot showing good speed and strength.