Kevin Weisbruch

Southern California’s Kevin Weisbruch has been on the professional circuit for 3 years now and has high hopes and expectations for his future as a racer. Kevin and his Dad, Gary, can be seen at nearly every West Coast round of Supercross and outdoors trying to make a name for young Kevin, who all the while holds down a full-time job to support his career plans. Being a privateer comes with many problems and struggles and they all stem from one thing-money. Money is the root of all evil when it comes to riding/racing dirt bikes because money is what drives the sport and has made Supercross into what it is today. With minimal finances for riders like myself, we cannot afford top notch equipment like the big teams. Therefore, we are already at a huge disadvantage before the gate even drops. The financial burden on our families is a huge part of the struggle because without a family to back you it can be nearly impossible. The constant stress on everyone of trying to figure out how everything will get paid for at each round-whether it be SX or outdoors-is just the beginning. Affording the race entries is another fight in itself and the list just goes on from there. At times, it feels like my actual practicing and racing is the easy part, which is funny when you think about how important your speed is when it comes to results. Through it all, though, my parents have been there for me 100% and I can’t even begin to thank them enough for all they’ve done. They’re helping me achieve my goal and for that I’m forever thankful!