Locals: Ray Syron Slamming 29ers

Welcome back to Locals! For episode 5 you get to see some 29' slappin as we hang out with someone new to the SoCal scene; Ray Syron. Born and raised in Massachusetts, Ray is more of a local to the road than anywhere else who, after graduating from high school, decided he would rather spend his life chasing rad days on the bike and having a blast every second of the day than following a conventional walk of life. Last winter he landed in San Diego and he fell in love with the eternal summer lifestyle and the ability to ride all day, every day in perfect weather. Although he is technically a Mass-hole, he quickly became one of the boys and joined the SoCal crew without skipping a beat.  
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  Ray’s life is accurately portrayed by the Metal hand tattooed on his leg. His tendency to keep the throttle down and get loose is not just restricted to when he's on a bike. Syron lives his entire life that way, looking to get everything out the time he's got. His shenanigans on the trail can be heard from the first to the last rider in the train. The laughing, yelling and drifting doesn’t stop the whole ride. It’s hard find someone who can match this maniacs energy on trail. His infectious smile and good mood allows him to make lasting friendships wherever he goes.  
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  Syron grew up racing downhill and dual slalom all over the East Coast. Having lived centrally to the expansive DH series Eastern States Cup, it allowed him to race over 20-weekends a season in a place that is snow covered a good part of the year. Quickly proving himself on the east coast, he took to the national and then international scene. A major collision with a tree in 2014, rupturing organs and breaking bones, put him on the sidelines and had him rethinking his relationship with bikes.  
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  In the off season of 2015 Ray ventured to SoCal to live with last episode’s star, Luca Cometti. Through shredding all winter with Cometti and the Intense family, he was introduced to Shaun Palmer. Palmer loved Syron’s rowdy party biking attitude and took him on as a part of the Palmer Project’s staff for the 2015 race season. Syron spent the summer with the juniors; traveling, coaching, wrenching and most importantly, making sure they were enjoying every aspect of racing bikes.  
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  2016 sees Whiskey Throttle re-entering the tape - not only in DH but Enduro as well. Being a privateer allows him to adventure away from one specific series and hit any and all events that are rad. Enduro World Series, World Cups and Crankworx are just some of the venues you will find him at this summer. Along with racing he will also be focusing more on the media side of riding. We have multiple projects and adventures lined up with him so keep your eyes peeled. If you can find him, have a drink with him, you're guaranteed a good time!   160313_Locals Ray Syron___G9Y2734 Via - Suspended Productions