Matt Roe

British-born Matt Roe is on the Pro team at Texan company Mutiny Bikes, where his signature ‘Conjuror’ frame has a 100% 4130 chromoly Sanko tubeset, head tube at 74.5 degrees and a stand over height of 8.1?. He is also part of the Flybikes team – Flybikes’ ‘Roey’ signature stem is a high top load model with a rise of 33mm. Other sponsors include Hideout and 20Twenty. Born on 8th August 1985, Matt has been riding now for almost two decades. The first thing he rode on was the overgrown, one-line BMX track in Riddings, Derbyshire, as well as the kerbs on the nearby community centre car park, but it was only after a visit to a bike shop in Skegness and a glimpse of the ‘Expendable Youth’ video that his riding really began to move up a gear. Since then, he has developed a soulful, liquid style which favors style, flow and lines over tricks. Although preferring trails, he rides non-stop on all terrains especially when he’s trying to pull a difficult trick – he has no qualms about keeping things going until he gets the trick done. His riding has been on show in recent years in sections such as Mutiny’s ‘Cool Story Bro’, and the three-part ‘Coastin’ for Flybikes, filmed on the north coast of Spain. He also turned on the style at the Vans Invitational at the 2014 US Open of Surfing at Huntington Beach, where the bowl contest gave him a well-deserved chance to shine.