Matt Roe Fly Bikes "Coastin"

Fly Bikes Coastin - The full film from Flybikes on Vimeo.

Latest One Industries athlete Matt Roe (Roey) is no stranger to featuring in epic edits! This is one not to miss, showing his signature style and flow, join Roey and; the Flybikes Crew for "Coastin". For this instalment the Fly crew took DIY approach to ride spots and with the guidance of semi local Ruben Alcanrata headed up along the Northern Coast of Spain taking along it’s own makeshift, versatile and sometimes maybe a little sketchy pallet inspired ramps to create something “more”, different and bigger than was really out there originally, on some of the most unique and scenic locations in the world, making “almost spots” into some of the most amazing and rideable spots ever! Enjoy the ride with the Flybikes family. Video filmed, directed and produced by Lee Turner and Flybikes Also supported by Mutiny Bikes & Etnies BMX.