Matthew Leblanc

Matthew Leblanc began riding in his yard at the age of 2. When Matt was 4, he entered his first local race, placing 1st on a Honda 50. At the age of 5, Matt entered his 1st national race at Ponca City placing 11th in the 50 cc (4-6) class. The next year, 2010, Matt qualified for the Ponca City NMA National and Loretta Lynn's AM National. The last couple months for Matt been very busy between training, races, and maintaining school work. Matthew has raced six events, including Vurb Classic, Florida Gold Cup, Swan MX Pro Challenge. Matthew has won eleven of twelve 65cc classes and just starting out on 85's won seven of twelve 85 classes. But most of all he has been having fun, entertaining the crowd with his unique riding style & bike handling. As the 2014 season comes to a end, Matt is ready to take on the 2015 season and continue to dominate the series.