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When the MIA Santa Cruz team guys go on trip; it's not just anywhere .. This time Maxime and Maurin head to  Thailand. Check out the full video,  story and photos below. 587_1081-2 After a few days on the side of Shenzhen, China, with the team of Race Company, Maurin and I take the direction of the Thai capital, Bangkok, on December 1, to make some laps. It is under stifling our long journey begins, to reach Chiang Mai, a city located in the north. A taxi hour to reach the bus terminal, which will take us 10 hours for the 800km that separate us from our destination. 589_1082-2 A few hours of rest, and it addresses the assembly of bikes waiting for the rest of the team. I mean Antonin PERGOD aka Oqamy Visual, our videographer photographer came directly from France, and Thiromana Yin, founder of the travel and discovery structure Adventure We Like happens to us meanwhile Cambodia. You may have already met in the hexagon because it is also the creator of the brand Sixmotion clothes, so naturally a longtime biker. Together we planned this trip a few months earlier. Indeed, for some years now, it offers trips through Asia to discover countries (Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia etc.), rich cultures, while wrinkling the best mountain biking trails.Its local partner on site is called Damian Mulligan, Australian installed in the Chiang Mai area for fifteen years. Offering his mountain bike guide services through its Mojo Bike structure, the two men will open up the path of the most beautiful trails of northern Thailand. 591_1087-4

The best for the end

Thiromana our friends and Damian have booked the best for the end of our trip by taking us to the top of Doi Intanon, more than 2279m of altitude, the second highest peak of Thailand. Sweltering Bangkok is very far! 593_1100-2 But it is not without effort that we got up there, more than 4 hours to walk up some 800m in altitude with bikes and video gear. But the game is worth the candle. Wonderful unobstructed crest, 5km long through ferns and much green vegetation! This spot had been spotted by Damian few months in advance, and very little running rest, so it was a bargain for us to finish this trip in this beautiful spot. 595_1056-2 595_1053-3 595_1091-2 Via Race Company Text - Maxime Peythieu Photo & Video - Oqamy Visual