Nick Dunne

Nick Dunne started riding bikes at the young age of 4. He has a extremely unique style and ambition to learn any trick upside down, Nick is sure to spew some ‘WOW’ factor in the sport of freestyle motocross The Yahama rider made his Red Bull X-fighters debut in 2012 with a solid 10th place in Glen Helen. Before that he made a name for himself in the FMX-World in 2010 when the Movie “On The Pipe 6” came out. Dunne has been riding his home-turf in Northern California in big manner and has amply demonstrated that long and big flip-combos are in his arsenal. It was the same year when Nick got his first got contest results during the DEW – Tour and he took a win at the AFMXA Series. Dunne has had to contend with a fair share of injuries in recent years. He broke his back two years ago and broke a foot as well so getting top results at contests was out of reach for the ambitious rider. In his scant free time, Dunne likes to snowboard, hunt and fish. But, most of the time, his life is dedicated to freestyle. The invitation to the Red Bull X-Fighters Glen Helen Tour Stop in 2012 gave Dunne his first chance to prove on the big stage that he can translate his tremendous freeride bike skills and tricks to an arena in front of tens of thousands of fans and that the contest pressure does not affect him. The impression he left trick-wise was good, but performing on point in a run on a big event requires experience. Dunne has to pick up with more invitations to big events. Besides from his ability to take on the sport of Freestyle he spends his off time hunting and fishing with friends and family up north. Nick is by far one of the 'coolest' guys you will ever meet but if you cross him you're better off messing around in a pit of rattlesnakes.