One Industries A2 Anaheim Supercross Team Update

Like the season opener in Anaheim two weeks ago, Angel’s Stadium was loaded with tension and a ton of excitement. With different winners in both classes thru the first two rounds, fans were still looking for answers at Round 3. ONE Industries Supercross 250 SX riders Broc Shoemaker, Kevin Weisbruch, Josh Hansen all came into the day in positions that all three would consider undesirable. Thought to be a Top 5 guy, Hansen had struggled thru the first two rounds finishing 9th at A1 and 13th in Phoenix last weekend, while Shoemaker and Weisbruch had yet to make a main event. ONE Industries Supercross With a longer lap time and more of a technical track to ride this time around in Anaheim, it took the riders the first two session to get the track figured out and times began to drop by the final qualifying session. After struggling with an illness and missing the night show last week in Phoenix, Broc Shoemaker was back in Anaheim posting up a fast enough lap to make into the 40-man night program. Kevin Weisbruch also put in a solid qualifying effort that saw the #252 join Shoemaker under the light once the race went live on Fox Sports 1. But with a DEEP field and bad starts, neither rider was able to race to a transfer spot in the main event. ONE Industries Supercross As always, Josh Hansen and his #100 machine were looking on point! After starting the season with a 9th and 13th, Hansen was looking for a top 5 finish and was in good shape during qualifying with top 10 times. With good starts in his heat and main, Hanny was able to battle near the front all night and after the checkers flew on what was one of the crazier 250 mains…Hanny grabbed a season best 7th place. ONE Industries Supercross Like Hansen did in the 250s, Josh Grant put down top ten times in qualifying. Not too far behind in 16th was Kyle Partridge and Nick Wey had a good enough time to join the top-40 in the night show. ONE Industries Supercross All three 450 riders were apart of exciting battles in the heat, semis, and LCQs. Grant used perfect starts in his heat and semi to put himself in the mix qualifying into the main and Nick Wey made his first main of the season thru the semi. Kyle Partridge was looking to make his third straight main but had a rough night. Partridge was involved in a violent crash with Josh Hill that ultimately ended his chances at making the main. Surprising unhurt in the crash…Partridge was in good spirits after the race, “Going to be hurting the next couple of days. Take the good with the bad, on to the next!” ONE Industries Supercross The 450 main had big shoes to fill after the 40,000+ fans at Angel’s stadium were just treated to one of the most exciting 250 mains in recent years. Once the gate dropped, the action was once again intense. While the top 3 got out front and charged away, 4th thru 10th was a bare-knuckle brawl. We had crashes, sick passes, and a ton of drama that saw Chad Reed get black-flagged for a retaliation move on Trey Canard after arguably “racing incident” saw the both go down while battling near the front. Josh Grant had issues and was forced to pull out at the midway point and was scored with a 20th. Grant has had good speed all season and will eventually put in together. The #33 is staying positive heading to Oakland, “Just got to put the pieces together, I’ll get it.” ONE Industries Supercross The most notable result of the night may have came form our scrappy veteran, Nick Wey and his #27 machine stayed away from all the carnage and rode smart to put in a quiet but very solid 14h place finish. ONE Industries Supercross The series now heads north to Oakland where Northen California will enjoy their first race of the year on Saturday January 24, 2015 at Coliseium. Check out the track map for Round 4 of Supercross.