Ryan Morais Crash Update

Rockstar Energy Suzuki rider Ryan Morais suffered a horrific crash Saturday night in his heat race at Anaheim when Phil Nicoletti came up short on a triple and landed on him. We checked in with Morais and although he is very sore, he amazingly didn’t break anything! He has some major internal bruising including his lung and bladder, but the prognosis is looking good for him to recover soon. Ryan was running second in series points and a favorite for the championship at the time of the crash. Get well soon Mo! We spoke to Ryan Tuesday morning and he gave us a quick update. Morais said “I didn’t break anything. I have a lot of internal bruising and I’m just really sore”. When asked when he might be back on the bike he said “I’m planning on trying to be back on the line at Anaheim 3”. Transworld Motocross caught up with Rockstar Energy/Suzuki rider Ryan Morais to check in on his progress as he makes his way back to the track after his severe crash at Anaheim 2. Check out the video: Ryan Morais Transworld Motocross Interview