Sitting Down With Truman Carroll

Truman Carroll One Industries In today's extremely competitive world of professional sports, the decision to become a top-level athlete is typically made by a child's parents as young as four years old. Parents are forced to spend all the family’s time and resources to help their children obtain and perfect skills that one needs to be at the top of their desired sport. But once in awhile an individual comes along that just 'has it'. One Industries FMX rider Truman Carroll was one of those exceptions who just has it. Growing up playing football in Australia, Carroll didn't ride a dirtbike until late into his teen years. Shortly after that, he bought a ramp and began to teach himself the bike skills needed to jump freestyle on they fly... Turns out, getting that ramp would begin Carroll’s unlikely rise to FMX success which even had the rider from Wagga Wagga ride in what is arguably the sport's premiere series; The Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour. Unfortunately for Truman, with success and progression in FMX comes the risk of injury and the One Industries rider was forced to sit out a good chunk of 2014 with a knee injury. Now all healed up and bike on the bike, we caught up with Truman to see how things where going… Truman, how the heck are you man? Things are good mate! I've just been getting back on the bike after three months off with a knee injury, so it’s good to be back riding! Good to hear, let’s dive right into it because you have an interesting story… you didn’t grow up racing and you just decided to start jumping in 2005. How did your first ramp session come about? Yeah, I'm far from your traditional FMX rider who usually comes from a racing background. I played 'Australian rules' football growing up, but when I was nineteen I decided to buy a bike. I built some jumps after watching the Crusty DVDs. I bought a ramp not having an idea and just had a crack at it with many failures along the way. Truman Carroll One Industries Did FMX come fairly natural to you? Not at all, I found FMX pretty difficult… not coming from any previous bike background hurt me at first. I really had to work hard on my moto skills and the rest worked itself out. Living in Wagga Wagga with guys like Jackson Strong and Rob Adelberg can’t suck, how big are those guys to your program? Wagga Wagga is a great place to ride! It’s a big enough town that we have everything we need, but small enough to get everywhere quick. To have riding partners like Adelberg and Strong has been instrumental in my career, it has shaped my riding style into what it is today. Truman Carroll One Industries Not a lot of people know this, but you also have a full time day job. How hard is it to juggle everything? Working full time definitely has its disadvantages! Trying to juggle that and riding, plus there is training and whatever else is happening, there is never enough hours in the day. I’d love to just quit work and just go all in but bills have to be paid! Seeing how you have accomplished as much as you have riding FMX in reality part time, is there ever a small part of you that wants to quit your day job and go “ALL IN“? Like I said… I’d LOVE to just quit work and just go 'all in' but bills have to be paid! I will say this though; Rob Adelberg and myself have spent the last twelve months building a foam pit and new compound. So I am looking to have a big off-season and be back doing X-Fighters for the 2015 season. So plumber by day and last year you were a Red Bull X-Fighters competitor by night… what was it like riding in event of that caliber? Riding Red Bull X-Fighters last year was a great experience, it was unexpected and I learned a lot from it. It was eye opening to see the professionalism and standard that’s needed on that world stage. We just released our new Misfits collab line, what do you think of it? The new Misfit collab line looks unreal! It stands out so much and I have always enjoyed wearing the ATOM Lite gear. I can't wait until I am swinging of the bike with that gear on. Truman Carroll One Industries What’s the plan for 2015, are we going to see you in the States? The plan is definitely to make it over to the states to do some riding with you guys soon!