Sylvain André

Sylvain started riding at the age of 6 years old. Fast forwarding to the present year his skills and professionalism in BMX has taken him all over the world. Sylvain has reached a dominating level of performance at age of 13 - 14 years old in the amateur class, then tapped out a massive year of accomplishments in 2010 becoming the French, European, and World champion in the Junior division. Following this past accomplishments Sylvain integrated the French national team and worked his way into the 2012 Olympics. Unfortunately injuries obtained from this aggressive sport took him out of the spot for the biggest race on earth. Being listed as a reserve athlete was still a great experience for Sylvain and has now had four years riding the Elite class, with some great results. Sylvain is now focused on the next Olympics which will be held in 2016 in Rio. This is his main focus for the next two seasons.