The Story Of Josh Grant

josh-grant-supercross-one-industries-1 If you are looking for the chance to see what happens behind the scenes of a professional motocross racer’s life 365 days a year, than you’re in luck, thanks to Kyle Cowling and his film Intersection: The Story of Josh Grant. Due out in 2015, Intersection will peak into Josh Grant’s personal battle on and off the bike in detail not yet known to the public. Viewers will join Grant as he juggles injuries, travel, and the expectation of success from his team and sponsor, all while trying to maintain and support his growing family. One caught up with Kyle to see how the film was going and how Josh was looking on his new team, enjoy! Kyle, what’s new man? Well, unfortunately, about two months I parted ways with The Medium Creative Group. I was working there for about a year, and it was a hell of a great experience and I learned a lot during my tenure with the agency. However, near the end, creatively, I was struggling with what I wanted out of this whole filming thing. I had lost the love and passion for it a bit, yet I was trying to deny that was even the case. Eventually, I made the call that I should probably step away and go back to running my own program. I’ve been back on the freelance grind again, however, I think it’s exactly what I needed. I have that passion and drive again. The work has been steadily coming in, and I am able to chase after some bigger projects and ideas I’d been sitting on for a long while. I can’t complain. I’m probably the happiest I’ve been both in my personal life and professional life in a long time. josh-grant-supercross-one-industries-7 By now, we would imagine most people know that you are working on a feature film with Josh Grant called Intersection. But for those who don’t, give a little glimpse into the film and what it’s about. Well, Intersection is an idea I came up with about four or five years ago. It was going to be a 45-minute film that featured around six or seven motocross and Freestyle motocross athletes, each with five to six minute vignettes on each athlete about the things that make them tick, why they risk their lives, etc. That never really panned out, and I decided to sit on it for a while. Fast-forward to Christmas time 2012, and I was wrapping up with project for VitalMX with Josh and Ashley Grant… We were discussing the state of the industry, films, and all that jazz when Josh asked how hard it’d be to make a documentary to tell their story. One thing led to another and I realized that this was the perfect fit for Intersection! The idea behind the film is, obviously, to tell the full story of his journey: growing up, his parents divorce, the full story with his mom, meeting Ashley, the injuries and heartbreak, all the way to the birth of Wyatt and Easton, and now landing with TwoTwo Motorsports. But, I also want it to show that no matter the path you choice, there will always be obstacles that stand before you. Whether they are small or big, we do not know, but either way we have to overcome them in order to find our destination, hence the name Intersection. It’ll be an hour long film, and a hell of an emotional roller coaster. Our goal is to get this thing into the hands of people that are not familiar with this sport or Josh’s name. Just because he is a professional dirt bike rider doesn’t mean his trials and tribulations don’t relate to anybody on this planet. I want people to see this thing and feel inspired and confident that they can overcome anything life throws at them. josh-grant-supercross-one-industries-6 The film has been in production for awhile now, for people who might be a little impatient, maybe shed some light on how much work goes into shadowing and working with a rider like Josh? The biggest thing is the editing. I mean, Ashley’s interview and Turtle’s (Josh’s best friend) combined are about seven hours total. So, now we have to go through seven hours of interview footage, pick out nuggets that are imperative to this story and condense that into an hour, including Josh’s interview and others. It takes so much time that I wonder what I got myself into [Laughs]. So, that’s the biggest hurdle of a project like this. Originally, we were looking to have it released by Christmas of this year, but after the season ended, we were on stand-by while Josh sorted out his deal for 2015. Now that everything is out in the open, signed, and ready to go, we’re back on the grind filling in the holes. As of now, we’re looking at a February or March release. But, I promise it’ll be worth it! This isn’t your standard dirt bike video. We are really doing this thing right, filming with top notch gear, we have an originally score that is being specifically written for this film, then you have the challenge of tracking down archived footage, getting permission/clearance to use said footage, color correction, sound mixing, graphics, etc. It’s insane what goes into a proper production like this. But, like I said, once people see what we’ve come up with, they are going to be thoroughly satisfied! josh-grant-supercross-one-industries-5 You have been by Josh’s side for the last couple of years, so you can probably answer this better than any “industry” guy…how is Josh adapting to his new TwoTwo Kawasaki? Josh looks great on the new steed. I think that a team like this is a perfect fit for him. Chad as assembled the best group of guys possible, he’s a family man, and he wants the atmosphere to be fun, yet get work done. I think that fits Josh perfectly. He looks great on the bike, he’s happy, his family is doing great… Honestly, I think the TwoTwo team will be a powerhouse team come A1. Having filmed some pretty talented dirt bike riders over the years, you’ve probably seen some big whips. But is it safe to say Josh Grant has some of the filthiest whips on two wheels? I think it’s safe to say Josh’s whips are something out of this world. We were filming with him at Milestone a few weeks ago and, at the end of the day, he hits the triple and was so backwards and upside I just started laughing. His whips are just absurd… They’re so big! People will get a chance to see that in the film, though, I do not think it’ll do it justice. It’s something you have to witness in person to fully appreciate. josh-grant-supercross-one-industries-4 Filming with Josh, you get to see him run all the new One Industries gear, what is your favorite kit Josh runs? For me, one of the coolest sets of gear that I’ve seen him run is the Green/Yellow Lines set. The first time I saw him rocking that, I felt compelled to run to the local dealership and buy a set. I think that’s hands down my favorite set of One Industries gear. That, and the new Misfits gear looks badass, too. How can you go wrong with a set of punk rock motocross gear? josh-grant-supercross-one-industries-2 Well Kyle, we can’t wait for Intersection to be released. Can you give us a date yet? Thanks! Right now, we are looking at a February or March release date. With Josh riding for TwoTwo, we’re basically going to take production straight into Anaheim 1 and document those first few rounds as a potential closing segment for the film. If people want more updates and a behind-the-scenes look, they can follow the film’s progress on Instagram: @Intersection_Official, on Facebook by searching Intersection and liking our page. They can also follow myself or Josh on our personal accounts as we’re also posting stuff: @kylecowling and @joshgrant33. Also, I want to thank everybody who supported this film via Kickstarter and has been so patient with us during this process. Making a film like this isn’t something that happens over night, and while I know people are getting anxious, we are about to hit the home stretch, and I assure everybody that this thing will be worth the wait. Again, thanks to everybody that has supported this vision. Our entire crew truly appreciates it!