Trackside With Kyle Cunningham

kyle-cunningham-supercross-one-industries So what's been going on Kyle, amped to see you back in California before the season starts. I just got back into the groove of things with riding after taking it easy for sometime. I didn't really notice how much was wrong with my foot from my injury during the 2013 season. The last three weeks I have been just trying to get going again, getting the flow and putting in long moto's to fit into my new training schedule that starts on Monday. So right now, it's just about getting back on the bike, seat time and staying comfortable so I can get to my testing and start preparing more. kyle-cunningham-one-industries-supercross-shane-ruiz-15 How does your ride feel for you this year? I'm really happy with my bike and it's awesome right now. I rode a 2013 last year and I was really pleased with how much control I had along with how it handled. I'm really liking the new Honda and look forward to next weeks testing. kyle-cunningham-one-industries-supercross-shane-ruiz-30 kyle-cunningham-one-industries-supercross-shane-ruiz-17 What do you think of some of the new gear we have coming out? Actually the ONE stuff is awesome. I've had a chance to wear all the different styles from the Gamma, Atom and the Vapor and all I can honestly say is they are so comfortable. Love the style of the gear, the look is so different from all the other brands and it really stands out. I was back home in Texas and saw that team shoot over at Fitzpatrick's house with all the new stuff. Can't wait to get my hands on that. Looking forward to wearing it during the upcoming season. kyle-cunningham-one-industries-supercross-shane-ruiz-16 When are you coming down to the ONE Industries Head Quarters again? I'll be making my way down there soon! Always a great place to be and I can't thank ONE Industries enough for all the support they have been giving me. The program is really cool from taking care of all my needs to race and promoting me all the time... even when I'm back home in Texas. Really happy to be part of a solid program and the ONE family. kyle-cunningham-one-industries-supercross-shane-ruiz-14 How was riding yesterday in the hills? All the rain really primed it up for us! Oh man, it was so much fun. I drove out with my Pops, didn't want to leave him hanging and pinned it to Beaumont with Tickle, Webb, Plessinger, Martinez, Tedesco just a big group of us out there. We had a great time man, the dirt was awesome. To come out here from Texas and ride in nearly perfect conditions... it was all time. kyle-cunningham-one-industries-supercross-shane-ruiz-9 Speaking of perfect conditions, how is it out here at Glen Helen? This is a great time out here today for the 2nd Annual Caselli Ride Day and I'm glad I could make it out to celebrate Kurt's life. I had the opportunity to meet him back in 2008 and we did some riding out in the hills with Kyle Lewis. Kurt was a awesome dude, so kind, funny and when it came to riding a bike... he was defiantly gifted in that category. I don't think Iv'e seen someone hold it that wide open out in the hills just bunny hopping over stuff and keeping it in 4th the whole time. Looking around at the track and seeing everyone out here in his memory is awesome. We're going to go get ready here for a lap in his honor so thanks for catching up with me. kyle-cunningham-one-industries-supercross-shane-ruiz-23