UCI BMX Supercross - Manchester, UK

"UCI BMX Supercross World Cup is the premier BMX racing series in the world. Featuring 5 events on 3 continents, the Supercross World Cup is returning to Manchester’s National Cycling Centre for the fourth time in 2016 after a successful debut in 2013. The fastest, bravest riders in the world will take the gate in the race for world supremacy and a prime placing at the world championships. Accelerating down the 8m high Supercross ramp around the professional indoor course, this is BMX racing at its most exhilarating and dangerous best."
Our factory rider : Corben Sharrah was on fire, riding smooth and easy finishing high over all his motos 1/4 and semi finale In the final Corben had a tough start and got blocked on the inside line of the first straight, unable to produce the accelerations he had shown so far… Still Corben finishes the weekend as leader of the World Cup and looking faster than ever !! French ripper Sylvain Andre rode amazingly up to the semi final where he also had a back luck on the first straight and could not make it to the final. He is in great shape and is also super fast !!! Rider with French national team jersey is Laetitia Lecorguillé riding for Redline and ONE Ind (for info, she was silver medal in London Olympics) went to final and had a serious crash on the last jump of the first straight, word back from the team is that she is 'ok' with an ankle that needs to be checked this week.. She showed great things in Manchester ! We're pumped to support our athletes on the big stage of UCI BMX Supercross... Onto the next round! Photo - Fabmx1.com