Trevor first gained notice as a constant front runner in the west coast offroad scene, leading to wins in the AMA National Grand Prix Championship Series in 2018 and 2019. 

Raised in Rancho Cucamonga, California, Stewart’s early introduction to motorcycles at the age of 3 set the stage for a remarkable journey where by the age of 5 he’d clinched his first race victory. However, the 26-year-old is about more than just his victories on the track. 

Breaking away from racing conventions, he’s also connected to the world of fashion, gracing the catwalks of Paris Fashion Week. This eclectic blend of style on and off the bike allows Stewart to create content that seamlessly blends racing, fashion, and videography to bring a unique take on our sport, all the while challenging and disrupting industry norms. Despite exploring various creative outlets, Stewart remains connected to the track and is still a constant podium threat in any race he enters. He challenges the notion of fitting into a predefined mold of a racer, advocating individuality. 

Trevor is a force set to redefine norms and in joining ONE Industries has the freedom of creative expression to be himself. We are excited to be working with Trevor, continuing his journey and fueling his passion to pursue fun and creative projects.

KELANA humphrey //


This young 16-year-old racer has certainly had a unique path to motocross stardom. A dual American and Indonesian citizen, Kelana grew up near the picturesque beaches of Bali, where he spent equal time surfing and skating before the allure of dirt bikes drew in his full attention. 

Since moving to the US full time at age 10, Kelana has pursued motocross with a fierce and relentless approach. His talents haven’t gone unnoticed as he secured a sought-after sponsorship from Red Bull, as well as being the only SuperMini rider to be invited to Best Whip contests as well as Freeride events like Red Bull Imagination. Kelana also met success on the track, with impressive Top 10 finishes at Loretta Lynn’s and a victory at the AMA Supercross Futures National Championship in Las Vegas. 

Kelana’s natural ability, coupled with an effortless style, set him apart as a true one-of-a-kind rising star. ONE is excited to support and foster Kelanas’ creativity and passion for racing, free-riding and producing amazing and unique content.



Hailing from Nuevo, CA Linkon was lucky enough to grow up just a long wheelie or two down the road from some of SoCal’s most epic freeriding areas. So it’s no wonder the kid has developed a fluid and effortless style on the bike. As soon as it rains you can count on Linkon grabbing a shovel, rounding up his friends as well as a camera or two in order to document their crusades in natural terrain spots all over the West Coast. We’re excited to see how Linkon can take his riding to the next level as he has his eyes set on competing in some of the sport’s most high profile events, contests and jam sessions.



Originally from Alabama, but now calling Georgia home as he lives and trains at the famed MTF facility, Landon is setting his sights on being a consistent front runner in the ultra competitive 250B and Schoolboy 2 classes at all the big Amateur Nationals in 2024. Riding for the EBR Yamaha team, Landon doesn’t lack the support or resources to conquer his goals on the track. While on and off the track we here at ONE will make sure Landon’s style and comfort are just as impressive as his speed.



With 42 AMA Championships to his name, Chace Lawton is no stranger to winning. He demands products and support that help him accomplish the goals that he trains for day in and day out, and we are happy to help provide that support. Chace was excited after wearing a set of X-197 pants for the first time, texting us “this stuff is sick! The belt that goes all the way around keeps these things right where I need. So pumped to be with you guys”. We can’t wait to see what Chace will achieve this race season and the rest of the field better watch out for this speedster from Rhode Island.



Ring-a-ding-ding…everyone loves the sound of a crisp two stroke, which is why we love watching this kid ride. Marcus is competing in the extremely deep and talented 85cc and Supermini classes at the 2024 Amateur Nationals, and we have no doubt the EBR Yamaha squad will have those YZ’s screaming! Hailing from the great state of Texas, Marcus trains with the legendary Robbie Reynard so you know he will have the skills to battle with the best. Welcome to the ONE family Marcus!



With a name like Kannon, how can you not rip on a dirt bike? One look at this kid ripping his YZ125 and you can clearly see this kids “has it”. 2024 started out with a bang for Kannon as he came out with a championship at the Springadingding National at Oak Hill in the 125 B/C class. Kannon looks smooth on the bike, and we might be biased but our X-197 set up looks absolute fire. Can’t wait to see what he can accomplish this year!



Who’s that kid hauling ass with the long curly hair flowing out the back? Johnathan has never been one to lack style, and you know us we’re a sucker for a rider with style. It also doesn’t hurt that JG has managed to rack up 42 AMA Titles over the years, attracting the attention of not only the EBR Yamaha squad but the Monster Army where you can see Johnathan repping the green claw hat on the podium. We’re excited about the opportunity to work with Johnathan, and we look forward to big things from this youngster.



Everyone needs that team leader, and for the EBR Yamaha squad that person is Collin Allen. And he doesn’t just lead by throwing the fattest whips, he also teaches the young bucks how to get it done by consistently battling toward the front of the 250A and Pro Sport classes. Collin has the gift to make everything look easy and his buttery smooth style and turn down scrubs are a perfect match for what we stand for at ONE.