G-197 Glove - VIVID NEON
G-197 Glove - VIVID NEON
G-197 Glove - VIVID NEON
G-197 Glove - VIVID NEON

G-197 Glove - VIVID NEON

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The G-197 introduces for the first time in moto a top closure glove. This enables the material across the palm to be stretched tight to eliminate bunching when holding the grips.

    • Reduce/ eliminate palm bunching and blisters with our unique top closure on the back of the hand
    • The unique closure system allows the palm material to be pulled tight like a drum so when the hand tightens around the grips there are fewer creases of material vs traditional closure gloves
    • Easy to open, close and adjust with the One Industries icon raised rubber patch pull tab on back of hand
    • Super soft against the skin, sweat removing and touchscreen compaitble Nanofront palm
    • Ultimate comfort thanks to seamless Nanofront roll-over finger tips
    • Enhanced comfort with first-of-its-kind unique seamless Nanofront roll-over thumb
    • Seamless Nanofront roll-over edge of pointer finger
    • 4-way stretch finger and thumb side gussets
    • 4-way stretch breathable, fast-wicking, quick-drying pattern hand fabric
    • Increased durability with double layer thumb guard
    • Improved grip with silicone prints on first 2 fingers
    • Touchscreen compatible thumb and fingers

    X-197 GEAR

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